Introduction to the TLS Vlog

This post introduces the Though the Lens of Systems (TLS) vlog by briefly describing the goals of the vlog and some of the subject areas that are to be covered as new posts are added. (Duration 2 min. 15 sec.)


Welcome to Through the Lens of Systems, or TLS as it will often be called. I’m Mic Gunderson, President at the Center for Systems Improvement and I’ll be your host. The goal of TLS is to provide content useful to those interested in making healthcare systems perform at a higher level. That may be in context of making the various clinical systems within an individual hospital, EMS agency, or 9-1-1 communications center perform better. System performance might also be addressed in the context of making the systems of care that encompass multiple healthcare organizations within the same community or region perform at a higher level. The emphasis here will be on the systems and processes of care for high-risk time-sensitive conditions such as cardiac arrest, major trauma, STEMI, sepsis, stroke, anaphylaxis and the like. and as you might expect, topics in quality management and improvement science will be addressed here. There will be a mix of theory, concepts and very practical explanations of tools and techniques that are used in improvement projects. The cultural change issues associated with implementing and sustaining improvement will also be on the table. Value and cost will be addressed along with quality. Topics related to reducing waste and finding ways to use resources more efficiently will be covered. And value will be addressed as a measure of the combined impact of quality and cost – along with an exploration of the reasons why value is becoming such an important factor in healthcare system design and policymaking. So, if you are interested in ways to improve quality, use resources more efficiently, and providing better value to the patients and communities you serve, then I hope you will come along for the ride. You can sign up for email notifications of new TLS posts or subscribe to the Center for Systems Improvement YouTube channel. I hope you’ll join us.


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