EMS systems and provider organizations can catalyze dramatic internal and external improvements as a result of an independent assessment of their clinical and operational performance. The assessment results can then suggest specific recommendations for improvements.Independent assessments and recommendations are widely utilized by EMS systems and EMS provider organizations all over the world. This is because it is very difficult for a system or organization to objectively assess itself. The findings and recommendations from an internal assessment may not be embraced due to concerns of bias – particularly when those findings and recommendations are controversial or when they may have an unfavorable impact on a particular stakeholder or group within the system.

CSI has strong experience providing independent assessments of EMS systems and provider organizations. The recommendations that CSI offers as part of the assessment process are often based on best practices from other systems or organizations outside the EMS discipline. Some of the recommendations may be novel approaches not yet applied in EMS. Other recommendations may be driven by the correction or modification of existing practices or policies.

Pricing for CSI’s EMS system and provider organization-level assessments and consulting support can be approached in several ways. Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail:

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