Webinar – System Level Measurement and Improvement

Measuring and improving performance at a systems-level has several unique challenges. In order to measure how well the system of care for a time sensitive emergency is working, we need to combine data across multiple entities. In some communities, this can get quite complex with multiple hospitals and multiple EMS agencies. It may require organizations that are direct competitors with each other to collaborate in ways they are not always comfortable with and in ways that can be both technically and logistically challenging. This webinar will identify several of these more common challenges and then offer insights and suggestions on how to overcome them. Join Mic Gunderson and Tim Phalen for this presentation and discussion.Those watching this archive recording of the webinar are encouraged to send in their questions and comments.

This video is part of the EMS and Systems of Care webinar series, Taking Quality to the Next Level, from the American College of Cardiology and the Center for Systems Improvement.

Faculty: Mic Gunderson, Tim Phalen

Duration: 57 minutes