ACC Module 4: Clinical Specialty Teams

This is the fourth module of the EMS and systems of care webinar series, Taking Clinical Improvement to the Next Level, from the American College of Cardiology and the Center for Systems Improvement. The main presentation is given by Mic Gunderson, with Tom Bouthillet as the moderator. Clinical Specialty Teams are small groups of staff… Read More

ACC Module 3: Structure Your System for Quality

The American College of Cardiology (ACC), in collaboration with the Center for Systems Improvement, is offering a free EMS and Systems of Care webinar series, Taking Clinical Quality to the Next Level. This third module of the series, called Structure Your Organization for Quality, is hosted by Mic Gunderson and moderated by Tim Phalen and Tom Bouthillet. This… Read More

Systems Concepts – Part 2: Best Parts Do Not Make A Best System

This vlog post is the second in a series about the concept of systems. It explores the systems design principle that having all of the best individually performing parts does not nesessarily provide the best performing system. That concept is then applied to the example of systems of care for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. (Duration –… Read More

Systems Concepts – Part 1: What is a System?

This vlog post is the first in a series about the concept of systems. We begin with a discussion of the definition of a system and introduce the idea of systems thinking. We then look at how that applies to improving clinical quality and economic efficiency in systems of care, particularly for high-risk time-sensitive conditions… Read More