ACC Module 4: Clinical Specialty Teams

This is the fourth module of the EMS and systems of care webinar series, Taking Clinical Improvement to the Next Level, from the American College of Cardiology and the Center for Systems Improvement. The main presentation is given by Mic Gunderson, with Tom Bouthillet as the moderator. Clinical Specialty Teams are small groups of staff members who share a passion for care in a clinical area, such as, cardiac arrest, STEMI, trauma, stroke, pediatrics, or airway management. These teams are empowered by the medical director and senior management team to take responsibility for a specific clinical area by:

– Measuring quality
– Proposing improvement and research project ideas
– Recommending protocol, policy and equipment changes
– Serving as subject matter experts in development of training and continuing education content.

This Webinar will give details of how to put these teams together in your EMS organization or hospital to help them thrive!

Duration: 59 minutes