Webinar – Structure Your System for Quality: Team-Based Quality Model

This is the second webinar in our series on the Team-Based Quality Model. This webinar helps clarify the distinction between organizational and systems-level quality improvement efforts. It goes on to present the time sensitive care coalition model for a community or region. It seeks to create synergies between separate time sensitive care committees that might already exist for trauma, STEMI, stroke, cardiac arrest, etc. The webinar explains how these conditions share many issues in common at a systems level and make the argument that working in separate silos not only wastes time and resources, but looses opportunities to learn and support each other. Once established, the time sensitive care coalition allows issues in common across conditions to be addressed collectively and issues unique to a condition to be addressed separately in condition specific sub-committees.

Faculty: Mic Gunderson, Tim Phalen, Tom Bouthillet

Duration: 1 hour, 1 minute